What I Know Now

What I Know Now

11 Episodes

“What I Know Now” is a short, powerful, insightful series in which women from all walks of life share their personal stories and the knowledge they have gained while journeying through the mysteries of life.

*Disclaimer: While we enjoy sharing the stories of women on this faith journey, the views and opinions expressed are not a reflection of Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts. Take the wisdom, do your own studying & always be prayerful.*

What I Know Now
  • The Truth About Divorce & Remarriage - Niki Winston

    Episode 1

    Have you ever wondered what the bible REALLY says about divorce & remarriage? Pastor Niki Winston shares her own personal testimony with divorce and gives insight and truth on what the scriptures actually say regarding this controversial subject.

  • Learning to Bloom Where You're Planted- Nicole Crank

    Episode 2

    Feeling insecure about where you are in your life? Pastor Nicole Crank shares her journey of overcoming her own insecurities and encourages the modern-day woman of faith to walk confidently in her own shoes.

    Spring by Ikson https://soundcloud.com/ikson

  • Why Putting Yourself First Isn't Selfish- British Mendoza

    Episode 3

    Singer/songwriter British Mendoza shares how putting her own mental, emotional, and spiritual health first has transformed her life after losing a close relative.

    Musicians by British
    Receive by British
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  • What I Know Now About Maintaining a Healthy Marriage

    Episode 4

    Kayla Naylor gives us the scoop of what what it takes to survive the highs and lows of marriage after being married since her early twenties, for over 12 years!

  • Identity Check- Sara Conner

    Episode 5

    Pastor Sara Conner did NOT have an easy beginning; she was sexually abused at an early age, ran away from home at 14 years old, and as a young adult her mother was brutally murdered. In this video, she discusses how she discovered her newfound identity through the redemptive power of God.

  • Making Friendships Count - Jill Waggoner

    Episode 6

    Doctor, medical expert, and author Jill Waggoner expresses her sentiments on the importance of connecting with other women and maintaining friendships.

  • When God Rearranges Your Plans - Christina Chaney

    Episode 7

    Christina Chaney shares her journey about finding God outside of the boundaries of her plans and how it lead her to an even more fulfilling life in the end!

  • Be Anxious for Nothing- Brelyn Bowman

    Episode 8

    Feeling like an outcast for having anxiety? Think again! Minister Brelyn Bowman has been there and wants to share with you her secrets for overcoming anxiety in daily life.

  • Living with Grief- Nancy Alcorn

    Episode 9

    Nancy Alcorn, Founder of Mercy Multiplied would be considered no less than a hero by all she encounters. But Nancy want to confess that despite having a successful ministry and calling, anyone can still be called while dealing with brokenness beneath the surface.

  • Journey to Success- Adrienne Alexander

    Episode 10

    Business/Brand Strategist and attorney Adrienne Alexander shares 5 critical steps to success in whatever field you are in.

  • Real Talk About Infertility - Ramell Grant

    Episode 11

    Have you or someone you've known struggled with infertility? Ramell Grant takes us on her journey and shares what she has learned along the way when it comes to infertility.