Faith & Fitness with Aimee Stauth

Faith & Fitness with Aimee Stauth

2 Seasons

Ready to break a sweat? Join fitness instructor and current coach at Orangetheory fitness, Aimee Stauth for a series of cardio/muscle training workouts that will push you to your limits and increase your faith.

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Faith & Fitness with Aimee Stauth
  • Faith & Fitness with Aimee Stauth

    Episode 1

    Coach Aimee takes us through 5 simple core exercises that will help you achieve your ab goals and strengthen your core.

  • Lower Body, Cardio, and Core

    Episode 2

    Ready to shape up those beautiful legs? This week Coach Aimee targets the lower body while still giving you a great cardio workout that will get your heart pumping!

  • Full Body, Cardio, and Core

    Episode 3

    On this episode of Faith & Fitness...join Coach Aimee for a quick 10 minute routine that will get your full body moving, followed by a lesson on kindness-kindness to self, and kindness to others.

  • The Tabata

    Episode 4

    Get ready to get your tabata on! A perfect apartment-friendly interval workout that will fly by and leave you burning mega calories.

  • The Tabata Part 2

    Episode 5

    Ready to take it to the next level? Join Coach Aimee for one final Tabata challenge before the New Year. After this workout, you'll feel like a champ!

  • Upper Body, Cardio, and Core

    Episode 6

    Join Fitness Coach Aimee Stauth as she tackles the upper body and core while incorporating at-home friendly cardio into the routine. Get ready for a high-impact, calorie burning workout that will boost your energy for the rest of the day.