Body Evolve with Brittney Hall

Body Evolve with Brittney Hall

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Watch your "body evolve" with this series of calming, yet impactful, yoga workouts. Starring registered yoga instructor/fitness coach Brittney Hall.

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Body Evolve with Brittney Hall
  • Grounded-Foot Exercises

    Yoga Instructor Brittney Hall takes us all the way down to an area that we normally neglect while exercising-our feet! Join in on this refreshing workout to give some TLC to one of the most important parts of the body!

  • Posterior Power

    Experiencing lower back pain? Add a little more strength to the muscles that support your lower back (your glutes and core) with a few simple movements in this quick yoga workout.

  • Posterior Power-Part 2

    Instructor Brittney Hall builds on her previous Posterior Power episode to give us a full, refreshing, fat-burning yoga workout that will help you achieve your core, glutes, and leg goals!

  • Meditate on These Things

    Yoga instructor Brittney Hall takes us on a 10 minute journey of quieting our minds so that we can mediate on the voice of peace, hope, and love.

  • Be Still and Know that I Am God

    We all know how to talk to God, but when is the last time we stopped to listen to Him? Take a break from the busyness of life and check in with the Creator of all things in this episode of Body Evolve.

  • Body Evolve with Brittney Hall- Episode 1

    Are you ready for your body to begin to evolve? Need a moment to breathe? Join Brittney Hall's online yoga class! This intro episode covers foundation, core strength, and the principles behind yoga.

  • He Restores My Soul

    Get ready for a refreshing yoga flow that will leave you more focused, still, and relaxed.