Woman Evolve Conference Challenge

Woman Evolve Conference Challenge

Whether you're attending the Woman Evolve 2019 Conference, or just want a new beginning in your life, this series will give you the marching orders towards a healthier/happier you!

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Woman Evolve Conference Challenge
  • Day 4: Creating a Hunger

    Today, Pastor Sarah gives you some practical advice, woman to woman, on how to cultivate a pure, fresh hunger for God in this phase of your life.

  • Day 3: Principles of Sisterhood

    This week, Pastor Sarah gives practical advice and tools for creating and maintaining healthy relationships with other women.

  • Day 2: Becoming Undone

    This week is about challenging the perfectionist “have-it-all-together” mentality that keeps us from true progress.

  • Day 1: Preparing for Transformation

    Let the challenge begin! Pastor Sarah kicks off the challenge with some practical advice on how you can start preparing yourself and your environment for the transformation that is about to take place in your life!

  • Day 5: Maintaining your Mentality

    Get ready to change your mind! Pastor Sarah uncovers the way to keep your eyes so locked on the prize that the King of kings Himself can’t help but notice.

  • Day 6: Bruised Heels

    Are you ready for the Woman Evolve 2019 Conference? There’s still one more thing your girl Ps Sarah wants to make you aware of before we pack our bags and head to Denver!