The Pajama Interviews

The Pajama Interviews

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Get ready to laugh, cry, and get your life! Pastor Sarah would like to formally invite you to a pajama party where she will invite some super fun, highly successful, REAL women with REAL stories to share their journey with you! From business, to heartbreak, to family drama, nothing is left uncovered in The Pajama Interviews!

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The Pajama Interviews
  • The Adopted One

    SJR and speaker/author extraordinaire Lisa Harper take some girl time to talk about culture, faith, and motherhood (in context).

  • The Anointed One

    SJR and Grammy award winning artist Tasha Cobbs Leonard discusses growing through the awkward place, racism and the body of Christ, husbae’s, and carrying out your purpose under difficult circumstances.

  • The Influencer One

    Sometimes we allow ourselves & others to characterize us by what WE’ve been through. Young widow turned lifestyle influencer Michelle Ana & SJR talk all things confidence, purpose connected to your pain, and how to grow as an influencer.

  • The Reborn One

    Sis, you ever find yourself giving so much of you to others you have to rediscover what you want in life? WE’ve all been there. Recording artist and actress Latrice Pace speaks with SJR about gems received from caring for Mother Pace and defining herself beyond the obligations of others’ expectat...

  • The Celing Shattering One

    Sis - wanna know if you’ve grown? Ask yourself if you’re able to move out of the home you’ve created in your uncertainty. Robyn Wilkerson and SJR discuss impact over popularity - no matter who approves.

  • The Introspective One

    There's a certain peace that comes when WE're able to see a formerly cringey moment or season as something God was using to set us apart. SJR & entrepreneur Karen Civil have some girl time to talk about loving yourself, loss & learning to live out what's best for you - no matter what

  • The Grounded One

    If your progress has never cost you your comfort, you may want to give it a little side eye, sis. Moments that are designed to progress you will undoubtedly stretch you. The you on the other side of your process is worth it. SJR speaks with actress and author Grace Byers about the look of success...

  • The Transparent One

    WE are going to have ourselves a time with this one. Join in on the girl time as SJR and gospel singer Kierra Sheard talk about how it's harder to be in love with a "real one", preparing to prosper, and what it takes to grow into the real you.