The "Marital" Arts

The "Marital" Arts

Pastors Ebenezer and Tina Quaye have that best friend, flirtatious, "down for you" kind of #marriagegoals that we love to see. But don't let the bliss foll you, they made it/are making it their mission to do the work necessary to truly achieve their happily ever after, and they are here to give you ALLLL the lessons, tools, and tips on how to keep a marriage both healthy and hapyy. Whether newly married, married with young kids, or ever married for 20+ years, this is the class for you!

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The "Marital" Arts
  • Arrangements vs. Agreements

    It’s the first episode of the Marital Arts Master Class and Pastors Ebenezer and Tina Quaye came out swinging! You and your spouse must agree. "Micro solo decisions can lead to macro division." BARS courtesy of the Quayes.

  • Vision

    Resist the urge to simply let your marriage unfold. There’s undeniable value in seeking the vision for your marriage from God and being intentional about creating an environment for it to be made manifest.

  • Marital Influences

    In the words of the Quayes “we have defaults and then we have decisions”. What are the internal and external influences that you are deciding or allowing to shape your marriage? If your influences aren’t making you better as a unit, you might want to consider taking a step back.

  • Communication

    Our partner may be the one to point out that we aren't the best communicator but it’s up to us to endure one of the hardest parts of communication – listening to understand. Better communication, better marriage.

  • Intimacy

    The Quayes are talking all things intimacy in this episode of marital arts. And not just the act of intimacy but the essence of intimacy – vulnerability. There are levels to this!

  • Priorities (In Marriage)

    Marriage is, of course, between two individuals. Of course there are individual priorities before the union, but sharing and agreeing on priorities with your spouse results in stronger foundation and knowledge about what’s needed to grow towards Gods vision for your lives.

  • The Discipline of Marriage

    Chiiillleee, we might as well give up the notion of ease right now. Marriage is a lot of work yet we have a tendency to think of it as a destination instead of a journey. There’s no win without doing the work.

  • Conflict

    Conflict doesn’t have to get ugly. In fact it’s an opportunity to educate and be educated when it’s done right. The Quayes are giving us strategies to disagreeing in a healthy way.

  • Wounds

    Exposing your wounds can be uncomfortable and just down right painful in some areas. But the willingness to address them and let your spouse know where you’re hurt allows for a stronger partnership.

  • Navigating Transitions

    One thing about life – there will be changes. Moving, having a baby, switching career paths are just a few areas of transition in ones life. When you add a spouse to the mix it heightens the need for the tools that will keep your union strong while life is out here lifing.