My Mother, My Sister

My Mother, My Sister

In celebration of Mother's Day "My Mother, My Sister" is an all new series that zeroes in on the challenges and triumphs of mother/daughter-hood. Whether you are a mother, daughter, stepmother, or bonus daughter-we've invited everyone to the party to hear from various perspectives and relationships. Get ready to laugh, cry, and learn with Pastor Sarah and her crew of special guests!

My Mother, My Sister
  • Trusting God to Fill the Blanks

    Motherhood often comes in packages that we least expected and din't know we needed. SJR sits down with her mother and her longtime family friend as they discuss the impact of both mothering and recieveing mothering outside of your blood line.

  • New Season, New Strategy

    With any relationship (but especially in mother/daughterhood) there will always be a shift in your plans. Sometimes those plans are within your control, and other times they are not. SJR joins her "babies' mama" and her two bonus daughters for a conversation on navigating new seasons, unexpected ...

  • How to have Tough Conversations

    Whether it's a divorce, a change in perspective on faith, or even the sex talk, there are some conversations that we may not want to have, but need to have with our children. In this episode, SJR discusses navigating difficult conversations with longtime friend-Pat Smith.

  • Her Flaws, My Fight

    There is nothing more powerful than showing our children our flaws. What may be even more powerful is showing how we show up in spite of our flaws. Join Pastor Sarah, our new homegirl and honorary doctor-Dr. Jill Waggoner and her daughter Jillian for our final episode of the "My Mother, My Sister...