Date Night

Date Night

It's finally happened! PT and SJR have tag teamed for a series that is sure to leave you laughing, learning, and growing in love. Get to know more about PT and SJR's love journey as well as a few other couples and one group of singles who are discovering what it means to love in the context of marriage, and in the context of self. Are you ready for a date night?

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Date Night
  • Let's Get Vulnerable: Game Night

    Tonight thank you!we are getting raw in real with a couple who us face challenges that is less than vulnerable in more ways than one. Has to is zero and PT Play a game with them that allows the couple and themselves to connect all over again.

  • Do You Believe in Second Chances? Couples Painting Night

    It's couples paint night! And just like painting, love is a process and it takes a while for us to truly see and value the art that is created in marriage. Sarah and Touré have a chat with Pastor Lawrence and Beverly Robinson about life, trust, and the secret to making love last after loss.

  • Embracing Your Imperfections: Homemade Pizza Night

    This episode is giving all the feels! Like pizza, marriage has many layers and pieces that make it beautiful. But establishing intimacy and how we see each other is not always easy. Sarah and Touré chat w/ Dexter and Larissa about flaws, trust and creating a language of love in marriage.

  • The Singles Wanna Know: Singles Night

    This is Singles Night! PT and SJR sit down with two singles and answer their burning questions about dating, marriage, and becoming one.