Body Evolve with Brittney Hall

Body Evolve with Brittney Hall

2 Seasons

Watch your "body evolve" with this series of calming, yet impactful, yoga workouts. Starring registered yoga instructor/fitness coach Brittney Hall.

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Body Evolve with Brittney Hall
  • Let Go...Let God

    Episode 1

    Whether you need an early morning warm up routine, or a quick stretch before bed, this workout has the movements you need!

  • Renewed Strength

    Episode 2

    Feeling a little sick? Join Body Evolve’s Brittney Hall for a workout that is not only safe if you’re sick, but will help to improve your health and speed up your recovery.

  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

    Episode 3

    Join Brittney Hall for an empowering full body yoga workout that will leave you appreciating the gift of your body.

  • He Restores My Soul

    Episode 4

    Get ready for a refreshing yoga flow that will leave you more focused, still, and relaxed.

  • Receive My Worship

    Episode 5

    Join Coach Brittney for a routine that emphasizes using your body to praise and worship God.

  • Divine Power

    Episode 6

    Join Brittney Hall as she focuses on strengthening the inner core, the place from which everything else derives!

  • How to Master your Front Splits

    Episode 7

    Join Brittney Hall for an episode that will “stretch” you further than you thought you could be stretched! Whether you’re extremely flexible, or aiming to be flexible, this video will take you to the next level.

  • Back to the Basics

    Episode 8

    Whether you have done every “Body Evolve” episode from Season 1, or are just starting out, this episode will give you a chance to start from scratch and create a strong foundation going forward.