WE Podcast: Season 7

WE Podcast: Season 7

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WE Podcast: Season 7
  • Whatever, However

    Chhiiillleee, Eve showed up and showed out with and for the Saints! Sis took over SJR's spirit and we cut up. Questions that need answers.... Did Eve allow SJR to rescue Bank of America? Is the Delegation here for rescuing Google Maps for accidentally ignoring the Mind Your Business Ministry's by...

  • Committed To Growth

    The Delegation was in rare form today. We’re gonna say it’s an overflow of Virtual Experience grace that our sisters are extending to the world! SJR and the squad gave bomb advice, then the Delegation had SJR heavy in her feelings about the Virtual Experience. 

  • Added Capacity

    America got us looking at her sideways, but we love her tho. The Delegation was being the Delegation extra heavy today - not here for any of SJR's rescues but sis put up a good fight. We dived into some of our sister's business (they asked us to) and SJR shared how stepping up for Kenzie showed h...

  • Ownership

    Szn 7, W.E. in this thang!! It’s been a hot minute or two since SJR could cut up with the Delegation but chhiiillleee, we act like we ain’t missed a beat. SJR hit us with the okie doke, rescuing words and narratives, then slid in some Hail Mary’s and Joseph’s. Also get ready for an extra snack SJ...

  • When Trolls Roll

    Our resident big sister, Cora, and SJR slide through this week’s podcast all was going well until a troll rolled through and Cora had to take a deep breathe. Not even a troll could keep the laughs and joy in this podcast from being abundant.

  • Class is in Session

    SJR did not leave behind a curriculum in her absence and Cora had a full lesson plan but she brought laughs and SJR’s box of grace with her. Sis taught the delegation and brought the sugar to some heavy tea. Tune in and bring your own life jacket because you may just need to save yourself from yo...

  • Do The Right Thing 

    SJR brought the giggles and touched our heart, from Chadwick Boseman to Brandy vs. Monica. Questions that still need answers…. Is there a thin line between honor and respect when it comes down to calling someone auntie? Is it ever too late for judging someone when you don’t know the story? What i...

  • Woman Dissolve

    From $6 leggings, Coolsculpting, to a lesson on Boo Boo the Clown, SJR let Eve host the show and things took a turn. The delegation showed up and tried to wheel SJR back in but when she gave up carbs in exchange for leafy greens, we were in for some good girl time. SJR left us with the best labor...

  • Learn & Grow 

    It would be unusual for us not to cut up in our weekly fashion, so we did and if the term “a mess” had a definition it would be this episode! But somehow SJR managed to still help us gain a new perspective on failures and lessons.

  • It's a Celebration

    Over the past few years we’ve had some pretty memorable guests but none as memorable as our resident sister Cora Jakes Coleman. Cora came back to celebrate and co-host with SJR and per the usual they were the party. SJR has been clenching her mighty toolbox but Cora wants here to release it into ...