"With the Future in Mind" Devotional

"With the Future in Mind" Devotional

3 Seasons

Chiiilllee, 2020 has been stretching us all in ways W.E. could have never imagined. With everything going on, we can be so consumed by ‘Now,’ we forget there is still a ‘Next’ assigned to us. The virtual experience taught us that coming into alignment today is how our future self walks in the revelation of tomorrow. In this 3-week devotional series, Sarah Jakes Roberts leads us in navigating our now, ‘With the Future in Mind.’

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"With the Future in Mind" Devotional
  • The Presentation of Purpose

    The intricacies of your purpose may still be unfolding, but clarity is found in wholeheartedly following the one who gave it to you in the first place. Walking in purpose sometimes requires us to lay down our expectations in exchange for His declarations.

  • Activation of Purpose

    Sometimes we forget about the step between presentation and activation called – activity. We aren’t presented with purpose and in the same moment expected to be fully walking in it. W.E, instead, are to intentionally take on activities that activate our purpose. So Sis, if your day to day is caus...

  • Perfectly Imperfect

    Life in some form may always come for our peace, make us look twice at our people, and challenge our purpose. Luckily, God never asked us to grow through it alone. WE can go on with the knowledge that progress in the midst of our uncertainty and our lack is exactly what He had in mind when He pla...