"With the Future in Mind" Devotional

"With the Future in Mind" Devotional

3 Seasons

Chiiilllee, 2020 has been stretching us all in ways W.E. could have never imagined. With everything going on, we can be so consumed by ‘Now,’ we forget there is still a ‘Next’ assigned to us. The virtual experience taught us that coming into alignment today is how our future self walks in the revelation of tomorrow. In this 3-week devotional series, Sarah Jakes Roberts leads us in navigating our now, ‘With the Future in Mind.’

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"With the Future in Mind" Devotional
  • Challenges vs Threats

    This week W.E’re talking about People - in the healthy and whole way. Remember those moments where you felt you were in your bag and someone in your life came along and said you could be doing more? It’s easy to fall into the thinking that they’re just trying to bring you down. Before you put the...

  • Releasing Your Peace

    Sis, don’t be stingy with your peace. Sometimes the uncertainty of new people and new spaces can cause us to return to the comfort of our default settings. As tempting as it is to dip your toe into new environments and become malleable to a moment, SJR is challenging us to release our peace and s...

  • Dealing with Rejection

    Sis, turn peace up in the mic one time! Sometimes we can let rejection live rent-free and rowdy in our minds. So much so, that we begin to base our future on the sting of our past. Though there are people and spaces that won’t be able to accept you, W.E can’t let rejection have the final say.