"With the Future in Mind" Devotional

"With the Future in Mind" Devotional

3 Seasons

Chiiilllee, 2020 has been stretching us all in ways W.E. could have never imagined. With everything going on, we can be so consumed by ‘Now,’ we forget there is still a ‘Next’ assigned to us. The virtual experience taught us that coming into alignment today is how our future self walks in the revelation of tomorrow. In this 3-week devotional series, Sarah Jakes Roberts leads us in navigating our now, ‘With the Future in Mind.’

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"With the Future in Mind" Devotional
  • Defining Peace

    Sis, peace is the real bag. Why be on one, when you can allow yourself to be set at one? The things that make us one are constantly shifting and so are W.E. So take this time to define what peace is to you in this season and make peace with peace.

  • Practicing Peace

    Sis, it’s one thing to know peace but practicing it can sometimes be easier said than done. That’s why on day two of Peace Week, SJR is reminding us that peace is a muscle. If W.E want to strengthen it, we’re going to have to spend time developing it in the presence of the one who provides it.

  • Living in Peace

    Chiiilllee, it may be the last day of Peace week but SJR wants to make sure W.E’re set up to make that thing stick. You ever feel like the minute you find peace, something comes directly for your nerves? It’s because there is a war over our peace, sis. Once we identify the things that threaten ou...