WE Bookclub Author Interviews

WE Bookclub Author Interviews

Pastor Sarah meets with some of her favorite authors for the very first time to have honest, personal, and powerful conversations about their works. If you are a member of the WE Bookclub, or you're just interested in finding new books that will challenge and inspire you-look no further!

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WE Bookclub Author Interviews
  • WE Bookclub Author Interview: Natasha Robinson

    Nastasha Sistrunk Robinson joins SJR in her Woman Evolve Book Club author interviews. She chimes in on racial reconciliation, loss, how to be confidently authentic, and so so much more. It gets very honest and very real and chiiilllleee WE are living to see it!

  • WE Bookclub Author Interview: Juanita Rasmus

    SJR and Juanita Rasmus talk about breaking up with the pattern of busy so that you can truly become all who God wants you to be-from the inside out. That comes down to learning to stop, meditate, and examine your thoughts to see what is serving you and what isn't. Get ready for a complete mind ma...

  • WE Bookclub Author Interview: Jennie Allen

    SJR teams up with fellow author Jennie Allen to confront the lies of shame when it comes to sharing your struggles with your fellow sisters in the struggle. 9/10 times you'll get the "head nod"...but you'll have to watch the episode to find out what that means.

  • Daring Greatly: a Conversation with SJR and Dr. Anita Phillips

    She's the delegation's "auntie", "Dr. Phil", and partial "Bishop Jakes" all rolled into one, and she's here with SJR to answer questions about living from a place of healthy vulnerability, how to recover when God disappoints you, and navigating doubt so you can have the fullness of the life God d...