WE: Behind the Conference

WE: Behind the Conference

Behind every great movement, there is an indescribable journey that lead to its greatness. Become apart of this journey as we take you behind the scenes of the days leading up to the Woman Evolve conference.

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WE: Behind the Conference
  • Day 1: The Site Walk Through

    It’s the beginning of Woman Evolve week and Pastor Sarah cant’t wait to walk through the venue! Get an exclusive look at all of the laughs, slip ups, and innovative moments that went into the making of an extraordinary conference!

  • Day 2: The Meet & Greet

    Celebrity stylist and longtime friend of Pastor Sarah- J. Bolin drops by, joined by everyone’s favorite and funny First Lady-Serita Jakes. Then Pastor Sarah visits the WE delegation for a VIP meet and greet and surprise visits some of them right in their hotel room. You don’t wanna miss it!

  • Day 3: The Conference

    It is Day 1 of the Woman Evolve Conference, and nothing could prepare Pastor Sarah for the emotions she would encounter! From an unforeseen audience reaction, to a heartfelt public moment with her dad, things start to get very real at Woman Evolve.