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W.E. Hope: an intimate devotional with SJR

W.E. Hope: an intimate devotional with SJR kicking off 2023 digging into our yearly theme of Hope. Gather your note pads, pens, and your edges, and join SJR as she breaks down not only the "why" but the "how" we should hope. And stay tuned, there may even be a few surprise guests in store!

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W.E. Hope: an intimate devotional with SJR
  • Unshakeable Hope

    Whew, SJR kicks off this 3 part devotional minding all of our business. There is a difference between wishful thinking and having a hope so deep that there is a confidence and even expectation behind it. Are you applying your hope in a way that will allow what you hope for to come to pass? Sarah ...

  • That Time I Almost Lost My Children

    Do your reactions to God's promises reveal your faith or your doubt? SJR chimes in on how to let our hopes live with the peace that they will come to pass, and chiiiillle...she has the credentials to prove it!

  • The Gift of Desperation

    Have you ever felt like something was irreparably broken? In those moments, it's easy to fall into what can only be defined as "despair". In this final episode of the Hope Devotional, SJR gives the secret to going from despair, to hope.