Sis, we can all relate to being (or pretending to be) the strong friend. There comes a moment where we have to stop fooling ourselves into believing everything is okay and deal with all the things coming at us. Our sis Valerie is so busy pretending to have it all together she doesn’t realize that she’s actually crumbling.

  • Betrayal

    Sis, has life ever just tried you? You were expecting a couple tests and trials but your tests and trials have... tests and trials. In part 1 of Valerie we meet our sis as her season of testing begins.

  • Performance

    Raise your hand if Part One of Valerie had you feeling a little Eve-ish. Us too, sis. The level of audacity skyrockets in part two as Valerie navigates turmoil in every aspect of her life. Through it all she still finds herself showing up as life continues to show out.

  • Grief

    As if the betrayal and weight of performance wasn't enough for our sis Valerie - here comes grief with its trifling self for the TKO. The thing about grief is, it's never on our calendar. How does Valerie react when grief enters the chat? Tune in!

  • Fragility

    Chiiillleee, when you've done all you can, sometimes you CAN'T stand. There are moments where a breaking has to precede a breakthrough. In the finale episode-Valerie reaches her breaking point and discovers a version of herself she has never experienced before. Tune in to find out how everything ...

  • Valerie: The Making of a Short Film

    Sis, grab your notebook and pens because SJR gets allll the scoop on what it took to make a (literal) vision come to life! What started off as a vulnerable moment for writer/director/producer Teya Roberts soon became a powerful project that would not only shape her own life but a "congregation" o...