The Pajama Interviews

The Pajama Interviews

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Get ready to laugh, cry, and get your life! Pastor Sarah would like to formally invite you to a pajama party where she will invite some super fun, highly successful, REAL women with REAL stories to share their journey with you! From business, to heartbreak, to family drama, nothing is left uncovered in The Pajama Interviews!

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The Pajama Interviews
  • Journey to Manhood

    Whether you encountered him at a Woman Evolve event, on the Woman Evolve podcast, or this is your introduction to Malachi Jakes, you're sure to feel enlightened and will want to pat SJR on the back for raising such an amazing young man. He shares what life has been like to be mothered by SJR, his...

  • Finding My Space

    Blended families can be challenging but has the possibility of being beautiful. SJR and Ren discuss how working through awkward conversations has created an unbreakable bond between them. Both ladies share how the process of finding their space within their family and each other's lives has been ...

  • Marking Moments

    SJR and Teya check-in with each other during quarantine. Teya shares how a hypothetical yes to SJR is actually a definite yes and sis drops a major word when it comes to love languages! In an 'I'm not crying, you're crying' moment, SJR pours into Teya, sharing beautiful words about her future.

  • Bridge Builder

    SJR introduces the Delegation to Isaiah and it couldn't be at a better time. They discuss the current racial tensions and Isaiah shares how it makes him feel as a black young man. SJR asks some thought-provoking questions as Isaiah shares the importance of having male role models in his life, his...