The Pajama Interviews

The Pajama Interviews

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Get ready to laugh, cry, and get your life! Pastor Sarah would like to formally invite you to a pajama party where she will invite some super fun, highly successful, REAL women with REAL stories to share their journey with you! From business, to heartbreak, to family drama, nothing is left uncovered in The Pajama Interviews!

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The Pajama Interviews
  • Living Authentically

    In a candid (and comical) conversation, Stephanie Ike and SJR talk about being emotionally vulnerable, how they know when they've heard from God, sandwiches, and their go to emoji. To kick off 2020, God challenged Stephanie's mindset on her potential and it blessed us!

  • Balancing My Becoming

    On paper (and in real life), the dynamic attorney Adrienne Alexander, had it all — the degrees, the job, the man. It wasn't until she was thousands of miles away from it that she realized that she was missing a piece of herself. SJR and Adrienne discuss joy, whether men are intimidated by a woman...

  • God Moves Only

    SJR caught up with her friend Michelle Williams and sis was candid! She shared what she'd tell her younger self, what led to breaking off her engagement, and what she believes God has called her to do next in her life.

  • My Story, Her Blueprint

    What’s a sisterhood without the testimony of a big sister that dared to live life through the eyes of her baby sister? Amanda McIntire shares a piece of her journey with SJR, her breaking point, and gave advice to emerging entrepreneurs. 

  • Just Be You

    Multi-talented Adrienne Bailon-Houghton talks to SJR about how she’s meshing her real life interests into her on-screen personality, how surprisingly low key she is, and how grateful she is for God’s grace and mercy!