The Pajama Interviews

The Pajama Interviews

5 Seasons

Get ready to laugh, cry, and get your life! Pastor Sarah would like to formally invite you to a pajama party where she will invite some super fun, highly successful, REAL women with REAL stories to share their journey with you! From business, to heartbreak, to family drama, nothing is left uncovered in The Pajama Interviews!

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The Pajama Interviews
  • He Was With Me in The Strip Club

    Episode 1

    Pastor Sarah joins Tracy Elliot-an author and wealthy woman whose life looks like glitz and glam from the outside…but was preceded by years of childhood sexual abuse, homelessness, and going to great lengths to survive. Hear her amazing testimony in this week’s Pajama Interview!

  • Find a Deeper “Why"

    Episode 2

    Pastor Sarah joins Entrepreneur, Celebrity Stylist, and Author Olori Swank for an intimate interview about the ins and outs of being your own boss, and using everything life throws at you to find your purpose.

  • Embracing Your Introvert

    Episode 3

    Join Pastor Sarah and her mother, the graceful and hilarious First Lady Serita Jakes, for a talk about what it truly means to be a woman, no matter what your personality type is.

  • I Just Kept Going

    Episode 4

    Pastor Sarah gets raw and real with her friend Erica Campbell about marriage, family, hearing God, and the highs and lows of her career throughout the years.

  • What Did I Miss???

    Episode 5

    Want to hear more from your favorite ladies of the Season 2 Pajama Interviews? We’ve got more laughter, advice, and stories here!

  • Birthing Doesn’t Make You a Mom

    Episode 6

    Pastor Sarah joins her beloved sister Cora Jakes Coleman to get raw and real about infertility, faith, and most importantly, building a family that looks different than the “traditional” family.