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Surrendered: a Devotional w/ Brenda Palmer

Surrendered: a Devotional w/ Brenda Palmer

The WETV 2024 season has officially begun and we're kicking it off with a 4 week devotional series hosted by a delegation fave-speaker and podcast host Brenda Palmer! Get ready for a transformational journey as she unpacks what surrendering to God's plan has looked like in her own life, and gives us some practical ways we can go deeper in our own journey of surrender. You will be both stretched and encouraged!

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Surrendered: a Devotional w/ Brenda Palmer
  • Surrender My Life

    Surrendering your life is a delicate process. One that requires courage, patience, and vulnerability; but the fruit will always be worth the sacrifice. Part 1 of this devotional teaches us how we can discover and be obedient to what God is calling us to do.

  • Surrender My Response

    Now that we have identified what God has called us to do, what will our response be? In this week's devotional, Brenda gives us the weapons to fight back against our tendency to go against what we know God is leading us to do. By looking back at her own story, she shares the moments where she has...

  • Surrender My Purpose

    Saying yes to God requires a lot of courage-but does it end there? Of course not! Surrendering our purpose requires an ENDLESS journey of surrender, and our sis Brenda is here to drop all of the gems she's picked up along the journey of purpose!

  • Surrender My Will

    As we’ve come to our last episode in this insightful devotional series-Brenda addresses what it looks like to permanently remain in a posture of surrender. Hint; its not about the big things, it’s about your daily surrendering the little things.