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Surrender To Hope

Surrender To Hope

'Surrender to Hope'—highlights stories of women in the delegation who have journeyed through seasons of surrender. They share their ups and downs of faith, strength, and reclaiming their stories. From—battles with identity, wrestling with faith, and shaking off feelings of unworthiness...they emerged victorious! Let their testimonies light your path, drop those heavy loads, trust in God, and step boldly into the beautiful story He's penned just for you.

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Surrender To Hope
  • Amber's Story

    Ever heard of the Mad truck theory? You dedicate yourself to a goal, only for life to throw a wrench in your plans. But when circumstances force you to hit pause, the work doesn't end—it simply picks up where it left off, seamlessly. Work often defines us, shaping our identities, but it's also su...

  • Surrender To Hope: Kourtney's Story

    Labels are a funny thing, aren't they? Sometimes, as we strive to build the lives we desire, we find ourselves tangled in the expectations, opinions, and beliefs that others have for our lives. It takes a great deal of courage, perseverance, and faith to release the labels cast upon us. Through K...

  • Kellye's Story

    Listennnnn W.E. know that surrendering can be rough. Especially when you have the baggage of rejection hanging over your head. You need control over every little thing in your life. But sis, LET THAT THING GO! God has treasures stored up for you in your true identity when you release the stuff th...

  • Surrender to Hope: Natalia's Story

    No matter how good you try and paint perfection, "Picture Perfect" always has a disaster happening behind the frame. Pain, tears, self-doubt, are some of the things we face when we deal with perfection. But what if we told you your story doesn't have to be perfect for God to still value you? Love...