So You Wanna....

So You Wanna....

3 Seasons

Chiiillee, get ready to learn from the experts! Whether you want to learn about anything from therapy, to hairstyling, to cooking, we've lined up the best of the best to give you an exclusive 4 week crash course complete with a Q & A session!

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So You Wanna....
  • How to Start a Budget

    Episode 1

    Are you looking into re-arranging your financial plan? Do you want to go to another level of wealth? Click here!

  • Sticking to a Budget

    Episode 2

    If you already have a written down budget, but you find yourself constantly drifting away from it, you may need to change your perspective about budgeting. Peggy Buck is here with some fresh ideas to keep you in sync with your budget.

  • So you wanna Grow your Finances

    Episode 3

    Peggy Buck continues the series by teaching us how to get into "financial alignment" that will eventually lead us to healthy wealth building.

  • Audience Q & A

    Episode 4

    Sent in a budgeting question? Peggy Buck is here with the answers!