On the Road with Sarah Jakes Roberts

On the Road with Sarah Jakes Roberts

Have you ever wished you could travel to ALL of Pastor Sarah's speaking engagements? Well be our guest! Catch all of her latest sermons from across the U.S. right here on WETV!

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On the Road with Sarah Jakes Roberts
  • Wet Wood Still Burns

  • She Evolved

    Sis, do you really understand the assignment of your evolution? At the core of who you are - you were created to get on the enemy’s last nerve. With your anointed self! SJR gives us some tools to evolve into the best version ourselves.

  • An Inconvenient Time

    Pastor Sarah preaches "An Inconvenient Time" for the Grace Girls women's ministry at First Baptist Church, Glen Arden.

    At times our inconveniences can convince us that pursuing purpose is simply too much. While it’s tempting to abandon our pursuit of purpose and sit in the comfort of our compla...

  • What Men & Women Want

    If you've ever wondered what the men or women in your life actually want - PT & SJR are giving their perspective on the top things wanted by those we're in relationship with and chiiiiilllleee...all the feels are present!

  • Call A Thing A Thing

  • I Got Issues

    Pastor Sarah invited us on the road with her to experience the undeniable fire that broke out at Permission Conference in Columbia, SC.