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"Mommy Issues"

"Mommy Issues"

Chhiiillleee, no matter how many books or classes we take, nothing prepares you for motherhood like the child you've been trusted by God to raise. Check out these encouraging stories from a few moms as they offer transparent dialogue to disspel myths, share their truth, and explain how motherhood has shaped how they show up in the world as women. 

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"Mommy Issues"
  • Embrace The Process

    Raising a son on her own hit Jada in a way that is not openly discussed, but is certainly a conversation we appreciate her starting. Beautifully identifying the strength and raised eyebrows single mother’s receive, Jada shares how she went from feeling ashamed, to being appreciative, to simply “b...

  • Making Mommy Moves

    After bringing a life into the world, women often put their dreams and goals on hold. Kayla Naylor encourages us to break out of that mold and challenges us to not only keep our dreams alive, but to actively chase them! She shares her dreams and how they are still coming true, regardless of her a...

  • Healing from Childhood Domestic Violence

    As a child viewing her mom in an abusive relationship, Tiffany shares how that trauma created a wedge within their mother-daughter relationship. Healing her mother wounds took work, not only within their relationship, but also within herself. Our good sis shares how she's evolved from seeing her ...

  • Ages and Stages of Motherhood

    Being a mom of four, Kinesha reminds us that mothering does not come with a 'one size fits all' manual. Instead, each child has their own requirements to feel seen and loved. Whether you're a mom of one or more than one, this one's for you sis!

  • Better Expectations 

    Our good sis Sunne Perry is basically a gem dropper and didn’t even warn us! She shared what helped her overcome issues with her mom and shared what she learned when she was a single mom. Grab your pen and paper because class is in session!

  • Postpartum Empowerment

    Fighting against something no one can see and only you can feel, is tough. Not only is postpartum depression a commonly hid topic, the shame it carries with it makes it hard for moms to seek help. Stephanie Espinoza doesn’t shy away from sharing how she’s healed and her testimony is truly a bless...