Make Under

Make Under

6 Episodes

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts teams up with her friend, celebrity stylist J. Bolin to select three unique ladies for an internal and external makeover like no other. Get your tissues and pencils out, and let the transformation begin!

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Make Under
  • Theresa’s Transformation

    Episode 1

    Join J. Bolin and his styling team as they give queen Theresa an unforgettable “Make Under” that will leave your jaw dropping!

  • Melanie’s Story

    Episode 2

    Pastor Sarah meets Melanie Martinez-a spunky, vibrant girl who was literally snatched from death after a tragic car accident. Her story is just getting started!

  • Melanie’s Transformation

    Episode 3

    If you thought Melanie was a raw and real lady before-just wait until J. Bolin adds his sprinkle of glam all over her! You don’t want to miss the conclusion of this transformation.

  • Kassha’s Story

    Episode 4

    Get ready to meet Kassha. A fiercely strong spirit that has overcome many painful losses in her life, and who has recently left everything familiar to her behind to begin a whole new chapter of her life!

  • Kassha’s Transformation

    Episode 5

    It’s the day she’s been dreaming about for years-Kasha gets to be mentored and styled by the stylist of her dreams-J. Bolin. Is she ready to let J. Bolin put her to the test? Watch the transformation unfold in this heartwarming finale episode of Make Under.

  • Theresa’s Story

    Episode 6

    Pastor Sarah meets Theresa for the first time and gets all the tea that she needs to make sure this corporate and colorful queen will never be the same again!