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In it to Win it

In it to Win it

Join Pastor Sarah on a spiritual journey in our In It To Win It devotional series. We'll gain powerful revelations, practical tools, and so much more as we dive deeper into the word...together! Make the most out of this experience by adding your perspective into the Woman Evolve TV In It To Win It chat room and by implementing what you’ve learned into your daily life.

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In it to Win it
  • Qualify Your Win

    What story are you telling your younger self as you qualify the woman you‘re becoming? SJR spoke from Ruth 1:16 then asked us challenging questions — what happened to me? When did I separate myself (like Naomi) from the version of me that makes hell nervous??

    Get into this Journal Werk, because ...

  • Dissecting the Loss

    Inevitably, wins and losses are connected. Pastor Sarah shared how she’s processing the loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the precious lives that were also lost. She reminds us that there’s an opportunity after loss. After you process and grieve the loss, ask yourself how can the loss add to...

  • Reality Check

    Chhiiillleee, faith without works is dead! You know the vision but are you TRULY doing all that you can to go from seeing the vision to manifesting it? Pastor Sarah spoke from Luke 9:12-15 and dared us to have an honest reality check with ourselves on how to realistically get to where we’re heade...