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From Broke To Hope

From Broke To Hope

What's a sisterhood without learning from each other's testimony? Five different women from different walks of life share incredible testimonies about how they overcame their darkest moments, their "brokenness" and how they are spreading hope now because of what they've gone through. Whether you've experienced abuse of any kind, divorce, miscarriage, or even poverty; these women will be able to reach you right where you're at.

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From Broke To Hope
  • From Three Heartbeats To One

    Meet Keisha Wells! Sis is the epitome of not looking like what she's been through. An unexpected loss propelled Keisha into embarking on an incredible journey of healing and she’s emerged into a real life superhero to those who have experienced similar traumas.

  • From Depleted To Designer

    Meet Melissa Mercedes-CEO/fashion designer who is blessing the runways and blessing women by inspiring them to walk in confidence. Find out how she went from one blow to the next but trusted in the still, small voice that ultimately led her to the life of her dreams.

  • From Orphaned To Redeemed

    In her own words, "freedom isn't a fairytale," Susan Deborahs' story will inspire you to keep giving life another shot. She allows us to journey with her from losing her mom at a young age to experiencing abuse and depression, to finally learning her self-worth, feeling safe, and accessing God's ...

  • From Unhoused To Unstoppable

    Daviana’s not only an amazing teacher, she’s a scholar at being a student of life. Her story is giving beauty for ashes and God is getting the glory through it all. Tap into her testimony and how she didn’t let a long list of traumatic experiences stop her from being a kingdom builder.