Freedom Devotional

Freedom Devotional

Join SJR in a 4-day devotional that lays out the key components on how to experience freedom mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Freedom Devotional
  • Free Spirit Defined

    Sis, who would've predicted that our freedom was connected to our fragility? Whew...chiiillle. We can't always avoid when life breaks our spirits, but we can learn how to acknowledge our brokenness and invite the wholeness of God into our brokenness.

  • Broken Spirit Hospital

    One thing about us - we're not trying to wait. We expect ourselves to go from bound to the free version of ourselves quick, fast and in a hurry. In reality, our broken spirits need to be nursed while we are in pursuit of the most free versions of ourselves. SJR is here to give us all the tools we...

  • Committed Spirit

    The commitments you make are not a game sis. When we are not intentional about who and what we commit our spirit to, we risk adapting to the spirit of the environment that we’re in.

  • Free at Last

    In case you forgot - we’re called to do life freely! Free from fear, free from doubt, and free from the moments where life has had us all the way messed up - one decision at a time. We’re officially breaking out.