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  • Hold The Line

    Do you know what the big picture of your life could become but you get so lost in the details that you start wondering if the vision is actually yours to carry out? Catch this word and get ready to hold the line during life's twists and turns.

  • Reset Your Fears w/ Miss Diddy

    Liiisteeen, this episode is giving run up, get done up! ‘Cause W.E. woke up and chose violence—against the spirit of fear on today! Like forreal Sis, what you’re afraid of may not even exist. Our girl SJR & boss babe, Miss Diddy, are putting us on game! From how to look at fear…To taking inventor...

  • Reset Your Values w/ Kourtney Mason

    Chile, yesterday's price is NOT today's price! W.E. are added value in these streets, with a WORTH ethic to prove it. Helping the Delegation instill core values and find fulfillment is SJR’s best friend & corporate baddie, Kourtney Mason! Talk about a revolutionary reset—these two chopped it up a...

  • The Definition Of A Boss

    Did you know that you're The Definition of a Boss?! SJR hit the virtual road to join the Bawse Conference hosted by Courtney Adeleye to remind us of who we are!

  • Reset Your Priorities w/ Stevi Carter

    Sis, set your priorities straight, so W.E. can watch you pop awf! Teaching us how to rearrange a thing or two, is newlywed & first-time mom Stevi Carter. Her main concern is living in a state of gratitude & chile W.E. felt that for somebody! When was the last time you slowed down and prioritized ...

  • From Broke To Hope

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    What's a sisterhood without learning from each other's testimony? Five different women from different walks of life share incredible testimonies about how they overcame their darkest moments, their "brokenness" and how they are spreading hope now because of what they've gone through. Whether you'...

  • Fire to Burn Barriers w/ Joval Webbe

    Last month on the podcast, there was a Master reset! Now, let’s bring the heat with a revolutionary FIRE—God, if the Saints having a Hot Girl Summer just say THAT. As a health strategist, Joval Webbe is co-hosting with SJR and teaching us how to take the limits off our ability to live well. Toget...

  • Fire to Advocate w/ Rev. Alisha Gordon

    Quick, get Alicia on the keys—'cause THIS girl is on fiyaaa! Our guest co-host, Rev. Alisha Gordon, is out here doing the Lord’s work & it’s LIT! As the founder and Executive Director of TheCurrentProject.org, Sis connects programming and policy to close the social and economic gap for Black sing...