• In it to Win it Broadcast

    What story are you telling your younger self as you qualify the woman you‘re becoming? SJR spoke from Ruth 1:16 then asked us challenging questions — what happened to me? When did I separate myself (like Naomi) from the version of me that makes hell nervous??

    Get into this Journal Werk, because ...

  • The Final Say

    Pastor Sarah preaches her first sermon of 2020 at her home church, The Potter's House at One LA.

  • On the Road with Sarah Jakes Roberts

    16 videos

    Have you ever wished you could travel to ALL of Pastor Sarah's speaking engagements? Well be our guest! Catch all of her latest sermons from across the U.S. right here on WETV!

  • What I Know Now
    2 seasons

    What I Know Now

    2 seasons

    “What I Know Now” is a short, powerful, insightful series in which women from all walks of life share their personal stories and the knowledge they have gained while journeying through the mysteries of life.

    *Disclaimer: While we enjoy sharing the stories of women on this faith journey, the vi...

  • Season 2
    5 episodes

    Season 2

    5 episodes