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All New Episodes from Woman Evolve TV!

  • Power Moves Tour: Sarah Jakes Roberts & Dr Anita

    Let's be very forreal...Imposter Syndrome and Superwoman Syndrome gotta go! Next up on our summer podcast series, featuring The Power Moves Tour—SJR and Power Player, Dr. Anita Phillips joined forces in Los Angeles to unpack the power to own our truth! In this episode full of wisdom and wit, Dr. ...

  • DMV Edition: J Bolin Makeover

    J.Bolin does it again! Check out the makeovers from the DMV on the Power Moves tour!

  • Power Moves: Sarah Jakes Roberts x Crystal Renee

    Low self-esteem, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome—oh my! What does it take to overcome the "scaries" and truly believe in the power of your voice? Join Sarah Jakes Roberts and Crystal Renee as they dive into this power moves conversation.

  • Seasons of Transition w/ Priscilla Shirer

    If anybody's got the inside scoop on how to maintain faith in seasons of transition, it's our good sis Priscilla Shirer! As an Evangelist, Bible Teacher, and Christian Media Personality with over 25 years in ministry, she knows without a shadow of a doubt that character development surrenders in ...

  • Protect Your Edge x Sarah Jakes Roberts

    Often, we struggle to implement change because we want it to fit within our existing routines. But real growth requires flexibility—allowing your mind to adapt and embrace the new ways of thinking and living God has for you. Watch the full sermon Protect Your Edge with Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts ...

  • Power Moves Tour w/ Sarah Jakes Roberts & LeToya Luckett

    Life brings unexpected shifts, and sometimes you find yourself in positions you weren't ready for. If you have Superwoman syndrome, always trying to save the day, you might lose yourself trying to stay strong and maintain a powerful image. Sis, strong is overrated! It's time to trust God over our...

  • From Hustle To Harvest w/ Bishop T.D. Jakes

    They say just because you graduated, don’t burn down the school house—and today W.E. find out why! As one of the world’s most revered communicators, successful entrepreneurs, multi–New York Times best-selling authors and global leaders, Bishop T.D. Jakes details his journey as a CEO and Chairman....