• The Reborn One

    Sis, you ever find yourself giving so much of you to others you have to rediscover what you want in life? WE’ve all been there. Recording artist and actress Latrice Pace speaks with SJR about gems received from caring for Mother Pace and defining herself beyond the obligations of others’ expectat...

  • The Influencer One

    Sometimes we allow ourselves & others to characterize us by what WE’ve been through. Young widow turned lifestyle influencer Michelle Ana & SJR talk all things confidence, purpose connected to your pain, and how to grow as an influencer.

  • Chitlins & Elections

    Nowhere, except the WE podcast with the director of the delegation choir, SJR. This week we’re talking about who may be lurking in your DMs  (??) and trying to get free food on the way! A few stories remind us of the power of dedication, breaking barriers, and putting your kids to work at any age...

  • WE Podcast: Season 7

    17 videos

  • The Longest 5 Minutes Ever 

    Delegation, this week was supposed to be a Hail Mary only episode...little did we know SJR would be hanging on by a floatie all episode long! We gave honor to a woman who is refusing to lose at 103! From Grandmas and Guinness to Moms with Mowers, these ladies are setting an example for the girls ...

  • The Celing Shattering One

    Sis - wanna know if you’ve grown? Ask yourself if you’re able to move out of the home you’ve created in your uncertainty. Robyn Wilkerson and SJR discuss impact over popularity - no matter who approves.