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  • Freely Give

    Wha Gwan, Delegation?! From behind the scenes to on the mic & the screen, Shaniece joined SJR on the podcast! Together, these two are giving unpermed petty, Mary & Elizabeth, minimal rescue realness! SJR & Sha doubled down on advice questions about purity culture, sexual health, and friendship br...

  • Broken Spirit Hospital

    One thing about us - we're not trying to wait. We expect ourselves to go from bound to the free version of ourselves quick, fast and in a hurry. In reality, our broken spirits need to be nursed while we are in pursuit of the most free versions of ourselves. SJR is here to give us all the tools we...

  • Freedom Devotional

    2 videos

    Join SJR in a 4-day devotional that lays out the key components on how to experience freedom mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • WE Podcast: Season 8

    21 videos

  • What I Know Now about Fatherhood

    2 videos

    Delegation! If you thought good fathering was all but lost in this generation of fathers-think again. We have put together a round table of devoted, loving fathers and sons to speak to upcoming fathers or future fathers about what it takes to be a great father. So in honor of Father's Day-go get ...