• Audience Q & A

    In this episode, Dr. Anita answers questions that were sent in by the WE delegation about mental health. Who knows? Maybe your question was picked!

  • "Mommy Issues"
    6 videos

    "Mommy Issues"

    6 videos

    Chhiiillleee, no matter how many books or classes we take, nothing prepares you for motherhood like the child you've been trusted by God to raise. Check out these encouraging stories from a few moms as they offer transparent dialogue to disspel myths, share their truth, and explain how motherhood...

  • Refuse to Lose: A Behind the Scenes Look

    Chhiiillleee, it’s one thing to experience the outcome of a Woman Evolve experience, but it hits totally different when you see all of the behind the scenes work that it takes to pull everything off. You get to see your bestie SJR and her team go to 8 cities spreading God’s word while "Refusing t...

  • WE Podcast
    14 videos

    WE Podcast

    14 videos

    Missed the live WE podcast with SJR? Don't worry-we've got every episode from Season 6 here PLUS an additional "snack" at the end that can only be found here at WETV!

  • The Pajama Interviews

    3 seasons

    Get ready to laugh, cry, and get your life! Pastor Sarah would like to formally invite you to a pajama party where she will invite some super fun, highly successful, REAL women with REAL stories to share their journey with you! From business, to heartbreak, to family drama, nothing is left uncove...