All New Episodes from Woman Evolve TV!

  • The Truth About Hustling

    Sis, hustle culture is not for everybody. When WE lay down the hustle, we’re freer to pick up God’s vision and version of us. Don’t be so busy trying to grind that you miss what God really wants you to do & who He really wants you to be.

  • Purposeful Longevity

    This week on the podcast, W.E. came to slay! As a faith & fashion trendsetter, Jada West is co-hosting with SJR to chronicle her evolution from the inside out! Learn how feelings of inadequacy, a collision with confidence, and not giving up on God clothed Jada with a pure passion. Whew lawd—this ...

  • WE Podcast Season 9

    6 videos

    SJR might have said goodbye to the "live" podcast but she's making up for it with surprise guests, upgraded production, and one-on-one conversations with...YOU, the delegation!

  • Longevity of Prayer

    Sisters, how y’all feel? Delegation, y’all alright? Here W.E. have SJR & Armani Battle rockin’ with what the Lord is doing in this podcast SZN! The two chat about an Eve-state of mind, the dichotomy of womanhood, mother-daughter dynamics, & a longevity that comes with living by God’s standards. P...

  • Processing Fear w/ Sarah Jakes Roberts & Sunne Perry

    Our guest co-host and healing homie Sunne Perry declared a place for petty in Mind Your Business Ministries & well…Woman Evolve. Hear how growing up in a big family, the ability to H.E.A.L., and allowing God in to process her fears have revolutionized Sunne from playing small to walking heavy in ...