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Domestic Violence Awareness

Domestic Violence Awareness

Join Domestic Violence Awareness advocate, Tiffany Mensah, in this one week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) informative and crucial course on how to properly recognize and respond to domestic violence.

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Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Realize

    The first step in any healing process is to "Realize" there is a problem. In this episode, our Sis Tiffany Mensah sheds light on the shocking statistics of domestic violence occurances both locally and worldwide.

  • Recognize

    Now that we're aware of the problem, Tiffany breaks down the different types of domestic violence and provides resources on how and where to find help.

  • Respond

    Tiffany lays out the essential keys for responding to domestic violence whether you are experiencing it, or know of someone who is a victim. This episode is packed with practical tools, safe practices, and useful language that will help us all to become more responsible with our awareness.

  • Teen Dating Violence Awareness

    Domestic Violence Awareness advocate and founder of DOVES Network-Tiffany Mensah is back to discuss an all new topic-teen dating violence. Tiffany discuss how to detect the signs, and how to address dating violence with teens.