Discovering your God-Given Identity

Discovering your God-Given Identity

Sis, have you ever felt like you’re trying to be a boss, be everything for your fam, AND be in purpose but you’re still lowkey finding out who you are? WE’ve all been there! Trying to do and be is not the easiest thing to do. Don’t sweat it. This 10-session Masterclass with Pastor Stephanie Ike is going to give us all the tools WE need to Discover our God-Given Identity.

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Discovering your God-Given Identity
  • It Starts With Him

    How have you always seen yourself, sis? Do you base your value on what you do? Your relationships? Your experiences? In Lesson 1, Pastor Stephanie reminds us that the true foundation of who WE are comes from what He says about us and how he sees us.

  • Redefining Me

    If we're being honest, sometimes we experience so much pain in life that we don’t recognize God was actually talking about us too when He said we’re loved, chosen and never alone. We believe these things so much for others but when it comes to us? Chiiillleee, we shutdown. It’s time to let Him in...

  • The "You" God Sees

    Sis, all that you are right now is not all that you’re destined to be. There’s a version of ourselves that we’ve become familiar with, that we introduce everyone to, and that we ultimately box ourselves in by. But there is a version of us that God has always known that exceeds our wildest expecta...

  • Serving Destiny

    Operating in the knowledge and revelation that we are loved increases the desire to love on others. Serving is one of the purest expressions of that love. Serving the vision of others unlocks God’s word to us and gives us a roadmap to our own destinies.

  • Sneak Attacks

    One thing about us...WE mind our business. The whole ‘internet’ thing does sometimes make it hard to keep our eyes on our own prize though. We can begin to see others’ success as an indicator of our inferiority. So if you see someone around you winning – cheer sis on! Remember the same God who di...

  • Worth the Wait

    You ever feel like God has you on hold? You know He’s promised you something but it feels like you’ve been waiting forever. We get it, but trust that there is a season where God will put together the puzzle pieces of your life. He is for us, even in the discomfort of our waiting. Your real best l...

  • New Keys, Who dis?

    Sooo Pastor Stephanie is on our necks with this one, per usual. In Lesson 7, we’re reminded that while we aren’t defined by external successes, accomplishments signify that we’ve had to become something in order to manifest a vision. New doors are only open to the real you. Getting there requires...

  • Gratitude is a Supernatural Weapon

    First giving honor to GOD! Sis, gratitude is what keeps us in the state of belief and assurance of what God has said about us. Aligning ourselves with the posture of gratitude allows us to recognize our obstacles as vehicles that are used in revealing us.

  • Walk by Faith

    Sis, we’ve all had those situations where people have done us DIRTY ok?! While this world says we would be completely justified in calling them our hater and playing the cut off game - loving by faith means releasing the burden of hate in our hearts for those who wronged us. We don’t have the lux...

  • For His Glory

    WE know! We’re sad it’s over too, sis. But don’t worry, you can run this whole class back as often as you need to. This lesson had us particularly edge-less. Pastor Stephanie reminded us that everything we do and are is for the glory of God! It’s why we were created. We have a responsibility to r...