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Designed to Shine w/ J Bolin

Designed to Shine w/ J Bolin

J Bolin is baaaack! And he's giving you a class that's more bold, more daring, and more fabulous than ever. Do you struggle with creating a home environment that shines? Want to shine your way with your style? What about changing your mindset about YOU? Well, our favorite celebrity stylist and fashion expert is here to tackle all of this and more in this 5 week informational and transformation-packed class that is DESIGNED to help you SHINE.

Designed to Shine w/ J Bolin
  • Designed To Shine Trailer

  • Meet Your Coach: J Bolin

    Meet your instructor. From young teenager who "couldn't keep up" in school to a highly sought after celebrity stylist and fashion/creative expert-J Bolin has traversed through many of lifes hills and valleys. In this episode, we're discovering how it all began, and what it took to get to the now....

  • Designing Your Personal Style

    Every woman deserves to look and feel their best at all times...but most of us don't know where to start when it comes to styling ourselves. "Who inspires me the most when it comes to fashion? What style will flatter my figure the most? And how do I find the looks that I want without breaking the...

  • Transforming Your Home Style

    Transforming your home can sometimes sound like a daunting, and definitely expensive, task. But in this week's episode of "Designed to Shine" J Bolin breaks down the bare necessities for creating the aesthetic and ambience that you'd want in your dream home. And most importantly, ways to do it wi...

  • The Mommy Makeover: Part 1

    This week J Bolin gets close to home by sitting down with super mom, wife, and entrepreneur Racquel Lee. Racquel has been serving up lewks her whole life, but with the newfound responsibilities of motherhood, it's been a challenge to serve looks while serving her household. But J Bolin is here to...

  • The Mommy Makeover: Part 2

    As we close out this fun, factual, and fabulous series...J Bolin gives our makeover candidate Racquel Lee a new style that completely blows both of their minds! Tune in to see the transformation take place.