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Breathe Better

Breathe Better

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Breathe Better
  • Hydration, Health & Longevity

  • How Fend is keeping our lungs Clean & Humidified

    As David explains, our upper airways keep our lungs clean and humidified. Some simple steps are to be aware of nose breathing, avoiding cold dry and dirty air... all is well! Unfortunately, we mouth breathe about 50% of the time today. Why? One reason is that 81 million Americans have rhinitis. T...

  • The Importance of Hydration

    During this week's Breathe Better series, Dr. David Edwards explains how FEND is hydrating your lungs by taking an inside look at your airways.

  • How Fend Keeps Us From Getting Sick

    Germ particles that enter the air and make it into our lungs often leads to getting sick. Learn how FEND prevents those germs from getting us to the point of sickness.

  • How Fend Cleans Your Lungs

    Inhaling dirty air introduces harmful particles, including carcinogens, allergens and pathogens, into your lungs. These substances deposit and accumulate, posing a risk of respiratory issues and long-term health problems. But thewater from FEND pulls particles out just like a car wash!

  • Why Is The Salt In FEND So Important?

    Hey sis, did you know our lungs have this cool lining called an epithelial layer? This includes proteins, nutrients, abundant water, and a bit of salt. The interesting part? Water breezes through the membranes, but salt? Not so much. Enter FEND – this superhero helps us breathe easy by handling b...

  • The Power of Fend

    Sis WE've got a fun fact for you! Did you know that the relaxing stroll on the beach offers more benefits than you may realize? Breathing in the ocean breeze infuses your lungs with salty air. This plays a crucial role in keeping your airways well-hydrated. You may not live close to the beach but...

  • How We Measure FEND Cleansing

    Let's explore airway hygiene and why it's crucial to our everyday lives. Have you ever wondered... how do we measure FEND's cleansing ability? In this video, David Edwards shows how we measure the particles in the air, as well as how many particles are actually generated in the lungs.