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Join your girl SJR here for a 3 week devotional that will turn your "Messy" January into a a month of prayer, strategy, and healthy perspective for the upcoming year.

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  • Prayer is Messy- Day 1

    Ps Sarah kicks off this devotional series inspiring us to take ALL of ourselves to God in prayer-whether it's the best parts or some of the worst parts, in order to cultivate an authentic prayer life with God.

  • Prayer is Messy- Day 2

    What if you thought of your prayer time as "pillow talk" with God? SJR gives her point of view of how you can develop an authentic, vulnerable, and lasting prayer life by approaching it with an open mind.

  • Prayer is Messy- Day 3

    SJR breaks down how to have a healthy, focused prayer in 4 simple steps.

  • Prayer is Messy- Day 4

    Have you ever been let down by a prayer that wasn’t answered? Did you let that stop you from owning your authority? SJR is here to encourage you not to give up when your expectations aren’t met on the spot.

  • Prayer is Messy- Day 5

    SJR closes this week's topic of "messy prayer" by teaching us how to hear from God by meditating on God’s word and allowing it to become truth for your life.

  • Connection is Messy- Day 1

    Week 2 of the "Messy" series is all about connections. Join Sarah and three of her closest friends (including her sister) as they talk about what has kept their bond strong through decades of love, loss, and life.

  • Connection is Messy- Day 2 & 3

    Pastor Sarah and her closest homegirls are back to talk about the times they had to rely on sensitivity, understanding, and open mindedness in order to make the friendship work.

  • Connection is Messy- Day 4

    As Brittany stated-“we sure can talk”! These 4 besties are back with more childhood stories, more of their secrets to a lasting impactful friendship, and SJR even drops a prophetic word on the saints!

  • Connection is Messy- Day 5

    W.E. end this Messy Connections devotional with words of advice if you are struggling in friendships OR if you have a friend who is in a struggle and want to learn how to approach and support them.