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4 Episodes

Hopping on a Zoom call with your bestie is so 2020. SJR and a few Delegation members allow us in on their girl time because chhiiillleee, we all have some growing and overcoming to do. No zoom password required, just a good writing pen and empty journal pages!

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  • Surrender to Pivots

    In a refreshing conversation, instant besties Halimah and SJR let us in on a topic we have all had to confront -- steadfast faith in God when life feels dark. Halimah shares highs and lows she's experienced and SJR challenges her perspective on timeline expectations, her spiritual wellness, and a...

  • Blending Better

    As the product of a blended family, Lisa does not want to repeat the same mistakes that she is still healing from as an adult. She asked SJR for tips on how to break this cycle and how to heal in the process. SJR shares personal stories on the importance of teamwork and communication when blendin...

  • Mic Check

    Have you ever noticed when you limit yourself it is also an attempt to limit how God moves in your life? Issa word sis! Akilah lets SJR in on how she has big dreams but is unsure about how to bring them to God. From big dreams to self-worth, they cover it all. Get ready to run SJR a therapy co-pa...

  • It's In You

    Dierra hops on a zoom call with SJR to ask how to move past daddy issues. SJR pours back into Dierra what Dierra so freely gives to others, but has a hard time giving to! We've all been there at some point (and still might be there now), so sis get ready to have SJR read your jour...