What I Know Now

What I Know Now

2 Seasons

“What I Know Now” is a short, powerful, insightful series in which women from all walks of life share their personal stories and the knowledge they have gained while journeying through the mysteries of life.

*Disclaimer: While we enjoy sharing the stories of women on this faith journey, the views and opinions expressed are not a reflection of Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts. Take the wisdom, do your own studying & always be prayerful.*

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What I Know Now
  • Escaping the Fire (When all Hell Breaks Loose)-Christian Mills

    Episode 1

    Christian Mills discusses how during one of the toughest seasons of her life she went from overwhelmed to empowered by making one small decision in her life. Find out what that decision was in this episode of “What I Know Now”.

  • Adopted by God-Susan Deborahs

    Episode 2

    Susan faced many adversities in her life; including losing both parents, facing abuse, and going though a season of homelessness. Find out how God changed her life in this remarkable story!

  • Accepting God's Grace after a Fall-Carina Gilford

    Episode 3

    Do you struggle with judging yourself based on the decisions you made in your past? Are you ready to finally be free? Tune in to this “What I Know Now” for some friendly advice.

  • Married, Widowed, Graduate

    Episode 4

    Lana Jamerson tell her story about how she achieved her dream of attaining a Master’s degree after a decade love, loss, and difficulty.