Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Breaking up with You

    Sometimes we can be our own worst critique and enemy, allowing fears to keep us from fulfilling our purpose. Dr. Anita may not mention our name but sis definitely tells us about ourselves!

  • In My Feelings

    In this episode Dr. Anita Phillips challenges us to delve deeper into our emotions and discover what kinds of feelings we may live in, that we don’t always name.
    Link to Emotion Wheel:

  • Trauma: Was it really THAT bad?

    We’ve all been through some degree of trauma in our lives. In this episode, Dr. Anita breaks down the definition of trauma, and teaches us how to overcome it before we allow it to define us.

  • Therapy 101

    Okay, so therapy is good for you, we get it. But how do you know which kind of therapist is right for you? Or how can you afford therapy? Dr. Anita is here with answers!